What kind of art do you do?

    The medium I primarily work with is acrylic on canvas. I have a special appreciation for acrylic painting. Mostly, I create impressionistic art. Such as landscapes, everyday items, portraits, etc., using varying color techniques and movement to communicate/portray a message. 

    The summer of 2021, I began to step into the realm of graphic design and digital painting. It took me a while to open that door. I'm so glad to say that I finally did because it has tremendously improved my approach and sharpened my eye/skill for acrylic painting and even oil, as well.

    Painting of Milwaukee skyline


    How do you paint?

      I choose a surface I would like my painting to live on. The most common option would be a canvas, but I like to think outside of that box every once in a while.

      My first steps include laying down a sketch of the final piece and an under base. An under base is the initial layer of acrylic paint that is applied really thin on the canvas. This layer provides an undertone that works best for you and (if desired) a chance to neutralize that bright white that can sometimes be a bit aggressive. (Nevertheless, any great artist will make anything work to their advantage.)

      With a sketch and an under base complete, I work on applying major highlights and shadows, blending and sharpening edges, adding smaller details lastly until I’m satisfied with the final product.

      Sketch of Good Reads painting

      What inspires you?

        I guess you could say feelings. Feelings and emotions are things I taught myself to see as an experience. Feeling something is an experience. Having an emotion is an experience. These experiences are granted to us in the same sense as the air we breathe, and the skin we live in. I strive to make the most out of them without judgement. Making art helps me be intentional about externalizing those feelings for the betterment of myself— and in turn, the world. Be the change <3.

        Closed doors acrylic painting

        What do you like to paint the most?

            I love painting hands. I hear a lot that people are afraid of drawing hands, but, I’ve found beauty in that fear.

            No matter how difficult the challenge, I know it to be my role as an artist to contribute to the narrative of a pair of hands. Hands that build cities. Hands that nurture a family. Hands that raise generations. Hands that fight for what’s right. In all, it’s really about the bigger picture. Here’s my unsolicited advice: learn the rules, therefore you will know how to break them. Also, face your fears.

            Pencil Drawing of Nakita exercise Acrylic painting of hands
            Together is better acrylic hand painting

            What’s your least favorite thing to paint?

              The mouth is my current struggle. Be that as it may, by the time you read this response, I’ll have already read a book on what it means/takes to paint a really good mouth haha.